Q. When should I put my trash/recycle out to ensure pick up?

  1. Trash/Recyle must be out by 7:00 AM on the day of service. Route times may vary and collection may vary from week to week.

Q. What if I forget to put my trash out on time?

  1. If you are a weekly customer, please put your trash out the following week and we will pick it up at no extra charge. If you cannot wait until the following week, please call to make arrangements for a special pick up at an additional charge.

Q. What if the roads are insanely icy or snow-covered?

  1. Occassionally we chose not to put our trucks on the road when conditions are too dangerous. If you are unsure please listen to your local radio stations or watch WAGM-TV.

Q. How should I contain my trash?

  1. Contained trash helps protect it from weather, insects and animals. Securely bagging your trash helps keep your community neat on windy days. All bags should be tied securely and cardboard tied together.

Q. Does Gil's Sanitation pick up bulk items?

  1. Please contact our office at least 24 hours in advance of your pick up day to arrange a special pick up for Bulk items such as furniture, appliances, grills, or large amounts of extra trash. Extra charges may apply.

Q. Which items does Gil's Sanitation consider unacceptable in weekly garbage and/or recycling collection?

  1. Gas, wet paint, insecticide, fertilizer, batteries, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, and ammunition. Please note: This is not an all inclusive list, if you are in doubt about a particular item, please contact the office.

Q. Why should I recycle?

  1. To accept a personal role in the improvement of our environment and the conservation of natural resources. Recycling is a loop. Not only is it important to put materials out for recycling, but also to buy materials made from recycled products and create demand for these items. Up to 70% more resources are used to make a product from virgin materials than are used to create a new product from a recycled material.

Q. Do I have to recycle?

  1. A. No, you don't have to recycle. You can place all waste in a PAYT bag. However, it will benefit you to recycle in the way that you will not have to purchase as many PAYT bags as well as helping the environment.

Q. How many Blue Recycle Bags can I put out a week?

  1. A. There is no limit to how many. We just ask that you have them full and draw the drawstring and double knot it so that they stay contained inside until we can get them to the Recycle Center.

Q. What does it mean when Bags are left behind by your drivers?

  1. A. This is only to make you aware that either it was not tied securely or there may have been an item in the bag that the Recycle Center is not able to take at this time. The only way to make people aware of what they are doing wrong is to leave it so they call us or the recycle center. WE DO NOT HAVE A LIST OF NAMES ONLY STREET NAMES WE SERVICE THEREFORE CAN NOT CALL INDIVIDUALS WITH WHY WE LEFT A BAG.

Q. What if I am not sure about what I can recycle?

  1. A. You can call 760-2712 or you can call the Recycle Center at 764-9393 and go over what was in your bag that should not have been.