Gil’s, 41 years in sanitation business
By Kathy McCarty
Staff Writer

Reprinted with Permission from The Star Herald

PRESQUE ISLE – Gil’s Sanitation has been providing a much-needed service to area homes and businesses for over 41 years, picking up what others no longer want or need on a regular basis.

“We officially got into the sanitation business on Feb. 1, 1968. Mr. and Mrs. Emery White owned the business before and used to bring their trucks into the wrecker serve,” explained Marie Berube, vice president.

When Emery had a stroke and was confined to a wheelchair, the couple decided it was time to sell the business.

“They suggested we buy the business. We (Marie and her husband, Gil) went over and discussed the purchase. We got into the business for around $1,000,” she said.

Upon purchasing the company, the Berubes ordered a new truck.

“Folks watched us do the run with the new truck,” said Marie.

“We’ve gone from a flatbed truck to a computerized system. We built sides on the first truck. Thaxter and Betty Rider helped dad out with old farm trucks,” said Tom Berube, general manager, adding the truck most recently purchased is all computerized, making work easier for staff.

“The Riders kept us in trucks,” added Marie.

“And it’s a lot safer. The biggest thing on the new truck is it has a filtered exhaust system, which burns the soot, thus reducing emissions by about 80 percent,” said Tom.

The family-owned and –operated business takes pride in making the communities it serves a better place for everyone.

“The new truck is cleaner-burning. From 2008 on, everything constructed has to be built this way. We’re going greener,” said Tom.

Tom said the new Sterling joins several Internationals already in the fleet.